Generative Art
with Photoshop Actions

Create generative art in Photoshop without writing any code.  

Download example actions(.atn) and custom brush files(.abr)

Each example action demonstrates how to use a generative design technique such as randomization and recursion.



Note: Actions are not meant to be used as a design tool. This project is a "creative misuse" of the intended functionality.

Action Reference

The example actions provided here are meant to be modified, combined, extended, and shared.

The screenshots below show example results of playing each action.



Note which item is highlighted in the action panel in each screenshot. Also, note that Actions are not typically used as a design tool and this is not the intended functionality.


Random Shape Generators

Examples using noise filter to generate random shapes.


Random Color Generators

Examples using noise filter to generate random colors.


Repeated Transformations

Using simple transform and warp repeatedly to create arrays. 


Recursive Growth

Basic simulations of "growing" organic patterns


Fractal Trees + L-Systems

Creating basic fractal patterns using simple repeated transforms.


Shapes from Shapes

Generating shapes from the interior of other shapes.


Actions with Brushes for Randomization

Combining brushes with actions is a powerful way to generate random shapes and colors. Some even begin to mimic particle effects like raindrops.


Content-Aware Randomizers

Combining random shapes, colors and using the content-aware fill tool to generate a randomized composition



Using wave distort filter combined with offset creates a fluid-like simulation