Joan Truckenbrod

To make her patchwork textiles, Joan Truckenbrod implemented algorithms depicting natural phenomena in the programming language BASIC to create a series of abstract sequential images. She then turned the monitor of the computer, an Apple IIe, upside down on a 3M Color-in-Color copier and printed the images on heat-transfer material. After superimposing a curved pattern and reconfiguring the image components, she hand-ironed them onto polyester fiber to create the composition. The textile work is shown suspended so that its display becomes fluid—affected by light and air movement—and part of the “natural” world. Truckenbrod’s digital fabrics connect early computational art with the feminist textile art practice of the 1970s that challenged the relegation of techniques such as quilting, sewing, and weaving to the realm of “women’s crafts.”

Joan Truckenbrod, Curvilinear Perspective, 1979